Hi-Crush is committed to protecting our environment and the safety of our employees. We implemented an environmental management system (EMS) based on the ISO 14001 standard at our production facilities as a means to ensure accountability in our compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations. We also implemented a silicosis prevention program (SPP) based on the National Industrial Sand Association’s (NISA) Occupational Health Program for Exposure to Crystalline Silica in the Industrial Sand Industry, along with an associated smoke-free workplace policy, at all our facilities as a means to ensure the protection and health and well-being of our employees and customers.

The EMS is administered by the Hi-Crush environmental department led by our director of environmental compliance. The SPP is administered by the safety department led by our safety manager. Our dedication to administering these programs is achieved through maintaining fully staffed environmental and safety departments, with knowledgeable and qualified specialists and managers located at the facilities.

Green TierHi-Crush’s Wisconsin mine and production facilities participate in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Green Tier Program, as a Tier 1 participant. We are committed to enhanced environmental protection, being innovative and proactive in those commitments, maintaining a strong environmental compliance record, implementing an EMS, and conducting routine environmental compliance audits.

EMS Policy

Hi-Crush is fully committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and strives not only to meet, but to exceed, environmental regulatory requirements in the communities where we operate. We accomplish this vision by adhering to the “CRUSH” principles.

C – Compliance

We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and will implement programs and procedures to assure compliance. Where existing laws and regulations are not adequate, or do not exist, to assure protection of human health, safety and the environment, we will establish and meet our own standards.

R – Reduction (prevention) driven

We will continuously look for ways to reduce our impacts that could pose a risk to human health, safety or the environment. Identified feasible options or lessons learned shall be engaged into our management systems and procedures to prevent any such impact or reduce the risk of impact. Environmentally preferred, and/or non-toxic, materials will be utilized where practical; such materials will be researched continuously. In conjunction with employee understanding, we’ll be able to utilize our management systems and procedures to prevent emergencies; but if an emergency was to arise, we will be prepared to respond effectively and efficiently.

U – Understanding responsibilities (knowledge and training)

The training of, performance objective setting and reviews of, and incentives offered to, all employees are key factors in assuring compliance with our policy and applicable standards. The objectives of this EMS shall be at the forefront in conducting staff performance reviews, ensuring employees understand our commitments and their roles in our company achieving environmental successes. We will communicate our commitment to health, safety and environmental quality to our employees, vendors and customers. We will solicit their input in identifying, implementing and meeting such goals.

S – Sustainable practices

Consideration will be made of all environmental factors and the full acquisition, use, and disposal costs when making planning, purchasing and operating decisions. We will have strong commitment to manage the land we use and reclaim, water we use and discharge, wildlife that may be impacted, and other natural resources in an environmentally sensitive manner. Energy use will continuously be evaluated so we remain the most efficient in delivering product with the least amount of energy consumed. Throughout our operations, the use of gas and electricity will continuously be analyzed and assessed for gaining efficiencies. The re-use and recycling of materials will be investigated and implemented during every stage of our construction and operation.

H – Habitual (continuous) improvement

We will continuously seek opportunities to improve our adherence to these principles, and will periodically report progress to our stakeholders. We will monitor our environmental performance regularly through rigorous evaluations. Feedback loops will be available throughout the entire structure of our company. The improvement of our EMS depends on everyone’s support and input.

SPP Policy

Hi-Crush is fully committed to operating in a safe and responsible manner. We strive not only to meet, but to exceed, regulatory requirements in the communities where we operate. Hi-Crush is committed to preventing silicosis, a known yet preventable occupational disease. We accomplish this goal by implementing the SPP at all of our operational sites. Hi-Crush’s SPP contains the following elements of control and implementation:

  • Management commitment to implementation.
  • Medical surveillance.
  • Dust exposure assessment.
  • Dust control.
  • Employee involvement.
  • Smoking cessation program/smoke-free workplace policy.


Hi-Crush stays involved with the industry through our relationships and participation in associations such as the Industrial Minerals Association of North American (IMA-NA) and the National Industrial Sand Association (NISA). Several of our employees serve as board members and/or committee chairs.

Hi-Crush’s Augusta facility received the 2015 Mine Safety Award from the IMA-NA for lowest total injury rate in the medium company category.

Hi-Crush has been recognized for its environmental stewardship as a Tier 1 participant in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Green Tier program. Click here for details.

Community Involvement

Please visit our Community page for more information about how we participate and interact with our communities.