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PropStream® Container System

Adapt to the most challenging wellsites and the smallest, most complex jobs with the PropStream container system. Our container technology ensures flexibility while providing industry-leading HSE benefits.

The PropStream solution delivers and stores proppant onsite in 12.5-ton containers. The modular containers move quickly, easily and safely from flatbed delivery trucks – two containers per 25-ton load – for minimal wellsite traffic and the ultimate storage footprint flexibility.

Multiple containers loaded onto our unique conveyor system rapidly and precisely deliver proppant to the blender, while dramatically reducing silica dust emissions for improved HSE performance.

  • Adapt to the wellsite — PropStream containers are a compact, safe, efficient solution that optimizes delivery and wellsite footprint.
  • Improve health and safety — Dust mitigation cuts silica emissions by more than 90% vs. pneumatic equipment; noise reduction and modular handling creates a safer work environment.
  • Reduce trucking costs, congestion — Delivery of up to 25 tons of proppant per flatbed truck can cut the number of onsite trucks in half.
  • Faster loading and unloading — Gravity fed system speeds the transfer process, while container mobility can have trucks on/off site in less than 10 minutes.
  • Superior accuracy and reliability — Precise sand delivery and flexible inventory management optimizes performance, reduces contamination and stranded product, and preserves integrity and mix flexibility at the blender.

Engineered HSE. Every PropStream container and silo system is built to benefit health, safety and the environment. Our OSHA PEL compliant technology reduces silica dust emission by more than 90% compared to conventional pneumatic technology. Dust management also cuts damaging particulate ingestion by wellsite equipment. PropStream equipment and processes also provide a significant reduction in wellsite noise, exhaust and traffic.