The Kermit, TX, site is a mine, production and transload facility, providing the first in-basin frac sand in the Permian Basin. In-basin proppant can be trucked to the wellsite rather than transported by rail, significantly reducing costs and logistical complexities for our E&P and service company customers. With our full-scale facility at Kermit, and our transload facilities at Pecos, Odessa and Big Spring, Hi-Crush can service more than 95% of all proppant consumption within the optimal 75 mi. distance.

The Kermit facility has an annual production capacity of 3 million tons of high-quality West Texas frac sand. Sourced from active eolian sand dunes of the Quaternary period, Kermit’s natural proppant is very well sorted with a high quartz content. Constant reworking by West Texas winds have left only the strongest grains.


White Paper: Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Considerations and West Texas Frac Sand Operations

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