Innovative design reduces standby time and site footprint for increased efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Dust Control and Mitigation Dust control unit and covered conveyors reduces silica dust during loading and unloading
  • Efficient Operation Requires little fuel for operation during a frac job, saving time and money while reducing work site noise and exhaust
  • Easy Loading Dual, tri, or quad 4-in fill tube configurations are available for simultaneous loading, or fill through the top lid
  • Maximum On-site Storage Currently the largest capacity mobile storage solution in the industry
  • Powerful Work Lighting LED lighting provides a bright, power-efficient, continuous light source, improving safety in low light conditions
  • Optional Sand Tracking System Monitor sand volume and usage from a control panel in the data van per site and per silo
  • Central Control Panel Manage common controls for conveyors, gates, lights, and view levels all from one central location
  • Stabilized Base Safety outriggers stabilize the silo, increasing its wind load rating

Titan Silos allow you to store more sand while using a smaller site footprint than traditional sand storage systems.

Our innovative solution is versatile, offering a wide variety of set-ups to help you make the most of your site. Our new sand tracking system allows you to view product levels per silo and per site. A website can be set up to view this data remotely. Optional conveyor scales give operators an accurate snapshot of sand usage per stage.


  • SS-280 (pictured above): up to 280 Ton per silo with powered conveyor for greater capacity and speed while transferring sand
  • SS-230: up to 230 Ton per silo, large capacity gravity-fed discharge chute reduces the need for motors, reducing emissions and maintenance expenses
  • SS-190: up to 190 Ton per silo featuring a gravity-fed discharge chute for lower maintenance and reduced power requirements